Sepramesh Lawsuits

Sepramesh is a hernia mesh product sold and marketed by Davol, a subsidiary of C.R. Bard, Inc.

The Sepramesh is a composite hernia mesh with an absorbable layer of polyglycolic acid fibers and non-absorbable layer of polypropylene. The Sepramesh was originally created and brought to the market by Genzyme Biological in 2000 under the 510(k) approval process using Bard’s Composix Mesh and Ethicon’s Mersilene Mesh as predicate devices.

Mersilene is not polypropylene, but rather an unusual polyester mesh that was thick with small pores. This illustrates how the 510(k) process may be easily abused as Mersilene does not appear to be “substantially equivalent” to Sepramesh.

In 2004, Genzyme got 510(k) approval for a new form of Sepramesh called Sepramesh IP Bioresorbable. Then in 2007, Bard announced an agreement with Genzyme to manufacture and market Sepramesh. Bard used the Sepramesh to help design its next composite mesh, Ventralight ST, which came to market in 2010.

has a natural fatty outer coating and polypropylene core. Surgical site complications have been known to occur including inflammation and severe chronic infection. The Sepramesh patch is not currently under FDA recall. However, mesh lawsuits continue to mount against the product.

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Sepramesh Hernia Mesh Injuries

Sepramesh is linked to injuries such as severe pain, infections, bowel obstructions, internal bleeding rash, allergic reactions, seromas, mesh degradation, mesh contraction, fistulas and hernia recurrence to name a few.

These are present in many of the other manufacturers and are related to a fundamental concern with these types of products. That is, the human body is not necessarily designed to integrate well with synthetic products. While there are certainly exceptions to this idea, in general, the body is intended to be a self-healing machine. The use of synthetic products (such as mesh) to repair the body is just not ideal.

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Sepramesh Recalls

To date Sepramesh has not been the subject of a recall. However, there have been a number of lawsuits brought by individuals allegedly harmed by Sepramesh.