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We understand that hernia mesh complications can be distressing and interrupt your daily life. Our team is deeply concerned about the influx of unsafe hernia mesh products in the market. These have led to an array of severe health issues and have necessitated additional surgeries.

Despite awareness by authoritative bodies, there’s a concerning presence of hernia mesh products that did not undergo rigorous clinical testing for safety. This negligence has directly impacted the well-being of patients.

Many consumers, likely much like you, have faced serious complications such as:

  • Intestinal fistulas
  • Bowel perforations
  • Chronic pain

These conditions not only affect your health but also place a significant financial burden due to medical bills and potentially lost wages from being unable to work.

We want you to know that we are here to help. Individuals just like you are taking a stand and filing hernia mesh lawsuits to demand accountability and seek justice. It’s about getting the compensation you deserve for the suffering and financial setback you’ve endured.

If you’re experiencing complications after a hernia repair involving mesh, we urge you to reach out. Our consultation won’t cost you anything, and it could be your first step toward regaining control over your life.

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For further information, review these 5 crucial points before filing a hernia mesh lawsuit and familiarize yourself with known complications and side effects. Knowledge is power, and we are here to empower you on this journey to recovery and justice.

What is Hernia Mesh and Why is it Used?

A hernia mesh is a medical device, often made from synthetic materials like polypropylene, designed to provide support for the weakened or damaged tissue around a hernia during the healing process following hernia repair surgery.

It is commonly used because it reinforces the affected area, potentially reduces the rate of hernia recurrence, and may facilitate a quicker recovery for patients.

Manufacturers design these mesh implants to mimic the body’s natural tissue. Prior to use, hernia mesh products are suppose to undergo thorough testing and product labeling to inform both surgeons and patients of their applications and risks.

Inguinal Hernias

Inguinal hernias appear near the groin area, one of the most common sites for hernia formation, affecting hundreds of thousands annually in the U.S.

Repair procedures, such as the Lichtenstein repair, are routine and offer benefits like less pain post-surgery and faster recovery. Here are key points about the treatment:

  • Preferred Technique: The Lichtenstein repair is often favored for primary inguinal hernias.
  • Specialist Involvement: General surgeons, alongside specialists, are qualified to perform this repair.
  • Mesh Considerations: Surgeons opt for mesh only when appropriate, taking into account factors like cavity size.
  • Laparoscopic Approach: For bilateral inguinal hernias, a laparoscopic repair utilizing mesh is typically essential.

Umbilical Hernias

Typically presenting near the navel, umbilical hernias are most often seen in infants and generally resolve naturally over time. The facts about umbilical hernias include:

  • Self-Resolving: The majority of umbilical hernias in children heal without intervention by age 3.
  • Adult Cases: Adults with umbilical hernias may require surgical repair, often involving a hernia mesh to prevent recurrence.
  • Strangulated Hernias: In severe cases where the hernia is trapped and the blood supply is compromised, surgery is urgent.

The image above illustrates the mechanism of a strangulated umbilical hernia and how it might project through the abdominal wall. Further details on umbilical hernias in infants are available here.

Incisional Hernias

Incisional hernias are those that occur as a complication of an abdominal surgery, presenting at the site of a previous incision:

  • Post-Surgical: These hernias often develop after surgery, including earlier hernia repairs.
  • Recurrence Issues: Hernia mesh may be used to minimize the risk of recurrence after initial repair.
  • Repair Strategies: Depending on the specifics of each case, different surgical approaches may be needed, with or without the use of hernia mesh.

Overall, hernia mesh implants play a critical role in modern hernia repair surgeries, with a variety of types and brands available to suit different hernia types and patient needs.

It’s important for both the medical team and patients to understand the options and considerations involved in hernia repair to ensure the best outcomes.

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Hernia Mesh Complications and Side Effects

When discussing hernia mesh complications, we can’t ignore that while hernia mesh can bolster weakened tissue, the risk for adverse side effects is significant.

Concerns arise primarily from common mesh material—polypropylene—which has been associated with various health problems.

Complications and Side Effects Resulting from Hernia Mesh:

  • Chronic Pain: Patients often report pain post-surgery, which can become chronic.
  • Bowel Obstruction: A blockage in the intestines may occur due to mesh placement.
  • Infection: Mesh can act as a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to severe infections.
  • Perforation of Organs: In some instances, the mesh can cut or puncture nearby organs.
  • Hernia Recurrence: Despite aims to prevent it, hernias can recur even with mesh reinforcement.
  • Migration: Mesh can sometimes shift from its original position, complicating the healing process.
  • Adhesion: Scar tissue can cause organs and tissues to stick to the mesh abnormally.
  • Seroma: Fluid buildup at the mesh site can cause swelling and discomfort.
  • Nerve Damage: Nerves may be harmed during surgery, leading to pain and sensory issues.
  • Revision Surgery: Due to complications, additional surgeries may be necessary to correct or remove the mesh.
  • Impact on Quality of Life: Persistent health issues can significantly affect daily activities and overall well-being.

We also note that numerous hernia mesh products have been discontinued or voluntarily recalled over the years due to the severity of the complications. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), through reports from the MedWatch program, has taken action to inform the public about the risks.

These serious injuries have led to significant legal actions, with settlements aiming to compensate for pain, suffering, and monetary losses.

For a deeper understanding of the issue, one can examine the hernia mesh complications details that articulate a wide range of potential side effects from these surgical products.

If you believe you are experiencing complications related to hernia mesh, consulting with a medical professional is crucial. Additionally, for those considering their legal options, it’s possible to get a free case review, where specialized attorneys can evaluate the specifics of your case.

It is equally important to stay informed about safety communications from the FDA, which provide crucial updates on medical devices like hernia mesh. Understanding the FDA’s statements on these matters can illuminate the risks and inform decisions moving forward.

Hernia Mesh Compensation Lawsuits. Are You Eligible?

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You Are Not Alone!

If you’re facing complications following hernia mesh surgery, such as severe pain, intestinal fistulas, bowel perforations, or infections, know that these issues are not unique to you.

These maladies are common enough that thousands are filing legal claims to seek restitution for their suffering and financial losses. Together, we witness an increasing number of individuals asserting their rights for compensation.

How We Can Help

Combining our legal experience with a thorough understanding of surgical mesh products, we’re prepared to advance your hernia mesh compensation claim with precision and care.

Our approach involves in-depth knowledge of the various manufacturers and devices involved in hernia mesh litigation, including ongoing cases against notable companies like Ethicon, C.R. Bard, Atrium, and Covidien.

We actively guide you through the process, prioritizing your well-being and aim for prompt and just resolution without any upfront cost – our fee is contingent upon a successful outcome for your case.

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For individuals who have endured hernia mesh surgery and are now experiencing adverse effects, our dedicated legal team is here to support you. By commencing with a comprehensive review of your case, we can set forth on securing the significant compensation you deserve.

If you have suffered losses such as medical bills, missed work, and pain and suffering, reaching out as quickly as possible is crucial due to the legal time constraints that apply to your potential claim.

Gather and submit details like your surgery date and the mesh manufacturer to catalyze the evaluation process. Essential paperwork, like medical records related to your hernia mesh surgery, will be invaluable in this pursuit.

For those searching for more information on hernia mesh complications and legal avenues, the 5 Things You Need to Know provides crucial insights into your potential lawsuit.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

What are the criteria to qualify for a hernia mesh lawsuit?

To qualify for a hernia mesh lawsuit, one typically must have:

  • Received a hernia mesh implant
  • Experienced complications such as pain, infection, hernia recurrence, or other related health issues
  • Undergone additional surgeries to address complications, if applicable
  • Evidence of damages caused by the hernia mesh, including medical records

How much can one expect to receive from a hernia mesh settlement?

Settlement amounts in hernia mesh cases can vary greatly and depend on:

  • Severity of injuries
  • Extent and cost of medical treatment
  • Lost wages and future loss of earnings
  • Pain and suffering

Due to these variables, providing a specific figure is not possible without specific case details.

What is the current status of the litigation for hernia mesh?

As of our last update, the multidistrict litigation (MDL) for hernia mesh involves:

  • Multiple consolidated pretrial proceedings to streamline processes
  • Bellwether trials, which help predict trends in future settlements and verdicts. The next bellwether trials are expected to start in 2025 in the Covidien cases.
  • Ongoing litigation with no global settlement reached yet

Which are the best law firms for representing hernia mesh cases?

Several law firms specialize in hernia mesh lawsuits. The most reputable ones typically have:

What is the typical timeline for a hernia mesh lawsuit to reach a settlement?

The timeline for a hernia mesh lawsuit to reach a settlement can vary due to:

  • Extent of case consolidation
  • Court scheduling and delays
  • Complexity and volume of evidence
  • Settlement negotiation duration
  • It can range from several months to a few years depending on these factors.

We are helping people who underwent hernia mesh surgery and now suffer complications and side effects as a result. Our hernia mesh attorneys take cases from across the United States.

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